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Overview of Webinars
Thursday, May 11th
11:00 AM SGT
Thursday, May 18th
11:00 AM SGT
Thursday, May 25th
11:00 AM SGT
Significance of IP-RP Mobile Phase in Oligonucleotide Analysis
HPLC Troubleshooting
Chiral Chromatography Screening 101
Speaker: Namrata Saxena - Technical Manager, Phenomenex
Speaker: Kevin Zhao - Senior Technical Specialist, Phenomenex
Speaker: - Zandra Baja - Applications Scientist 
Key Learning Points:

  • Evaluate the significance of mobile phase composition in IP-RP methods for Oligonucleotides characterization
  • Learn the significance of pH and other mobile phase additives and how optimization of mobile phase can lead to improved sensitivity of Oligonculeotides in LC-MS methods
  • Gain an understanding on how proper sample preparation will contribute to improving sensitivity
Key Learning Points:

  • Minimize problems before they occur by performing routine system maintenance 
  • Approach problem solving and troubleshooting in a logical way 
  • Diagnose cause 
  • Identify possible solutions 
  • Document deviations from “normal” behavior as they occur 
  • Keep notes during troubleshooting 
  • Troubleshooting is a lifelong learning process 
  • Use specific way to protect the column to prevent the LC problems 
Key Learning Points:

  • What is chiral chromatography, chiral screening, why do it, what are the benefits... 
  • What the chiral screening process looks like  
  • Scope, deliverables, and timelines for chiral screening 
  • How to request chiral screening services 
Who Should Attend:

  • Any LC users who are working with Oligonucleotide or Nucleic Acid characterization methods 
  • Scientists working with Gene Therapy methods or anyone working in Biopharma 
Who Should Attend:

  • Any LC users who would like to get tips on extend the column lifetime, and troubleshoot for some general LC method issues. 
Who Should Attend:

  • LC users who would like to get tips on a chiral screening process for method development 
  • Scientists in academia or pharmaceutical industry with the need to rapidly develop a method for separation and characterization of their chiral compounds  
Meet Our Speakers
Namrata Saxena 
Technical Manager, Phenomenex 
Namrata is the Technical Manager for the Asia-Pacific region in Phenomenex and is based in Sydney, Australia. As a member of the global technical team, she is responsible for assisting external customers as well as internal marketing and sales teams of Phenomenex for multifarious technical queries. She specifically support company’s bio-products portfolio through external and internal seminars/webinars, trainings and also contribute in biologics related technical content creation.

Before joining Phenomenex she had worked as a Product Specialist and spent several years in stationary phase chemistry, column manufacturing and method development groups in a German company Bischoff Chromatography GmbH.

Namrata has a post graduate degree with specialization in Analytical Chemistry. Her competence and focus lies in biotherapeutics characterization through liquid chromatography, antibodies and oligonucleotide chemistry, gene therapy and new bio-therapeutic modalities.
Kevin Zhao
Senior Technical Specialist, Phenomenex
Kevin Zhao is the Senior Technical Specialist with Phenomenex (A Danaher company), located in Torrance, California, USA and has 5 years of experience in biochemistry research; 4 years Protein/Cancer research with CSULA-City of Hope Cancer Collaborative and over 9 years in Phenomenex. Mr. Zhao is a member of a global Technical Support Team, is providing problem solving, troubleshooting, and applications assistance for customers world-wide in the fields of chromatography (liquid and gas) and sample preparation, and also handling Industries supported include – pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, clinical research and clinical toxicology, food safety, environmental, fuels and specialty chemicals. 
Zandra Baja
Applications Scientist 
Zandra is an Applications Scientist at PhenoLogix specializing in chiral screening, USP and PhEur applications, and environmental GC-MS applications. Zandra obtained her bachelors degree in Chemistry from California State University of Long Beach. Prior to joining Phenomenex in 2021, she spent 3 years working as a chemist in the petroleum industry and 8 years as an analytical chemist working with gas chromatography in an environmental air testing laboratory. Zandra has also spent several years in quality assurance management where she was responsible for maintaining ISO/IEC 17025 and TNI Standard laboratory accreditations.