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Overview of Webinars
Thursday, November 3rd
11:00 AM SGT
Thursday, November 10th
11:00 AM SGT
Thursday, November 17th
11:00 AM SGT
Tuesday, November 22nd
11:00 AM  SGT
Sample Prep for Crude Extraction Removal & SPE Method and Development  
Analytical Considerations to Improve Regulated and Unregulated Analysis of PFAS Compounds
LC Retention Time 101
An Overview of Preparative Chromatography
Speaker: Grace Guo, M. Sc – Senior Technical Specialist, Phenomenex USA 
Speakers: Richard Jack, PhD Global Market Development Manager, Food and Environmental, Phenomenex & Karl Oetjen, PhD Senior Scientist, SCIEX
Speaker: Genevieve Hodson – Senior Technical Specialist, Phenomenex
Speaker: Luigi Margarucci, PhD - Technical Manager, Phenomenex 
Key Learning Points:

  • The challenge and workflow in Food Industry 
  • Learn different sample preparation techniques, including solid support liquid extraction, Quechers and SPE 
  • How to develop a SPE method based on sample matrix and compound properties 
Key Learning Points:

  • Explore how column choice affects PFAS selectivity 
  • Learn how modified C18, -Hexyl, Phenyl-Hexyl, and Fluorinated phases affect PFAS selectivity 
  • Understand how using organic modifiers can improve PFAS selectivity 
Key Learning Points:

  • What the different types of measurements mean when speaking of an Analytes Retention Time. 
  • What changes to the mobile and stationary phase would impact the retention time. 
  • What impacts the LC system might have in impacting the retention time. 
  • Tips to troubleshoot to root cause of an issue with retention time of analytes
Key Learning Points:

  • Why choose preparative chromatography 
  • How to scale up 
  • AXIA Technology 
  • Examples and conclusion 
Meet Our Speakers
Grace Guo, M. Sc
  Senior Technical Specialist, Phenomenex USA 
Richard Jack, PhD
Global Market Development Manager, Food and Environmental, Phenomenex 
Karl Oetjen, PhD
Senior Scientist, SCIEX
Grace graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering in 2014. In her graduate study, she developed a low-voltage organic phototransistor with an organic small molecule. After her graduation she moved from the east coast to west coast because she loves the all year long sunshine in South California.

She spent 3 years in a start-up company as Device Scientist doing single walled carbon nanotube separation and making thin film transistor with them. Most of her experience with Flash system are gained from there. In 2017, she joined Phenomenex as a Technical Specialist supporting globally, especially the Asia-Pacific area. Bilingual in Chinese and English makes it easy for her to communicate with customers in both US and China.

At Phenomenex she has more opportunity to have hands-on experience in HPLC, GC and SPE. Discussing the crazy troubleshooting cases with other technical members improves her chromatographic skills every day!  
Richard is the Global Market Development manager for the environmental and food markets at Phenomenex corporation. He has over 18 yrs. experience with chromatography and mass spectrometry for the environmental, food, cannabis, semiconductor, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Richard has collaborated with global regulatory agencies to develop validated methods through new applications, instrumentation, column chemistries, and software. He is a former EPA Scientific Advisor for the EPA’s panel on Hydraulic Fracturing, a coauthor for EPA 557 and 557.1 along with ASTM D8001 and updates to D4327 and D6919 methods.

He is currently the Second Vice Chairman for the ASTM D19 subcommittee on water analysis. Previously Richard was a Vertical marketing manager with Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dionex and Hitachi High Technologies where he designed analytical instrumentation, including IC and HPLC systems, pumps, autosamplers, and a variety of detectors. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry and anaerobic microbiology from Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA, He received his Master’s in ecology from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.
Karl Oetjen is a Senior Technical Marketing Scientist for Food, Environmental, Forensic, Clinical and Cannabis applications at SCIEX. Before joining SCIEX, he completed his PhD at Colorado School of Mines (Golden, Colorado) in Hydrologic Science and Engineering under Dr. Chris Higgins.

Karl’s dissertation research focused on nontarget characterization of complex surfactant mixtures, including aqueous film forming foams. This work led to the discovery several novel per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) that since have been found in variety of environmental samples and industrial chemicals. Since joining SCIEX, Karl has worked with numerous labs creating and implementing both regulated and unregulated quantitative and qualitative screening methods.
Genevieve Hodson
Senior Technical Specialist, Phenomenex
Luigi Margarucci, PhD
Technical Manager, Phenomenex 
Genevieve graduated from the University of Texas with a BS in Chemistry located in her home town of Austin Texas. She spent 2 years of her undergraduate performing research in an Organic Chemistry Lab synthesizing intermediates. Out of school she spent 4 years as an Analytical Chemist in the QC and R&D Department of Cerilliant (a Sigma Millipore Company). There she worked with many analytical instruments but became an expert at LC by performing purity analysis, customer specific methods, validations, qc testing and stability studies on a wide range of small molecules including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, explosives and illegal substances.

From there she moved to Los Angeles California where she worked at Johnson and Johnson and then a small dietary supplement company. After Genevieve spent a year living abroad in Israel raising her first son, she moved back to LA where she got hired as a Technical Specialist at Phenomenex. At Phenomenex she enjoys continuing to learn about chromatography every day through helping customer with all their chromatography needs! 
Luigi, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, has been working with Phenomenex since 2015 and currently holds the position of Technical Manager. He gained experience in the field of chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry working as a researcher/assistant at the University of Salerno and collaborating with important reference centers for chromatography and mass spectrometry, in Italy and Europe (University of Utrecht - NL).

To date, he is the author of 27 scientific publications. In 2020, he became responsible for chromatography training for our customers, and from 2021 he took on the role of Technical Manager for Italy.