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Overview of Webinars
Thursday, October 6th
11:00 AM SGT
Thursday, October 13th
11:00 AM SGT
Thursday, October 20th
11:00 AM SGT
Thursday, October 27th
11:00 AM  SGT
GC Troubleshooting tips and Tricks from Inlet through Detection
Pirates of Chromatography: Tales of Sharp Peaks
Method Development Strategies for Peptide Analysis
A Guide to Building Your LC Method Development Kit Plus Tips on Storage & Care
Speaker: Ramkumar Dhandapani, PhD – Global Product Manager Gas Chromatography, Phenomenex
Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Babu Dandamudi – Technical Manager, Phenomenex 
Speaker: Helen Whitby, PhD – Senior Product Manager, Phenomenex 
Speaker: Kevin Zhao Senior - Technical Specialist, Phenomenex 
   Key Learning Points:

  • - Get an understanding of basic GC concepts, and debunk GC myths 
  • - Provide systematic ways to troubleshooting complex problems 
  • - How to choose the right GC column for your application 
Key Learning Points:

  • - Signal to noise improvement
  • - Unknown/Ghost/Carryover Peaks
  • - No Peaks
  • - Split peaks/Fronting peaks/Double peaks
  • - Negative peaks
  • - Peak Sequence change
  • - Irreproducible peak heights and peak areas
Key Learning Points:

  • - Learn about the basics of peptides and the digestion of proteins to peptides 
  • - A deep dive into different phase chemistries used and the method development design space for optimizing the chromatography 
  • - Understand critical parameters and the importance of pressure testing your methods to ensure robustness 
Key Learning Points:

  • - How to choose different column phases for developing a LC method 
  • - What kind of LC columns can be a strong method development kit 
  • - How to take care of your LC column to extend its lifetime 
Meet Our Speakers
Dr. Ramkumar Dhandapani 
Global Product Manager, Gas Chromatography 
Dr. Rajesh Babu Dandamudi
Technical Manager, Phenomenex
Helen Whitby, PhD 
Senior Product Manager, Bioseparations Phenomenex
Kevin Zhao
Senior Technical Specialist, Phenomenex 
Dr. Ramkumar Dhandapani has been in the chromatography industry for over 17 years with hands-on and troubleshooting experience. He has earnt a master’s and PhD degree in Analytical chemistry from Seton Hall University with specialization in Microextractions, Multidimensional Gas Chromatography and Tandem Mass Specs techniques. He has developed and validated several regulatory compliant methods in Pharmaceutical, Food, Fuels and Environmental industry as well as incorporated method improvement and troubleshooting across a range of separation techniques.

He has extensive Chiral  Method Development Experience through Pharmaceutical career. Dr.Dhandapani joined Phenomenex in August of 2014 and he serves as the Global Product Manager at Phenomenex. In addition to managing the product lines, Dr. Dhandapani presents on innovations in Chromatography at various chromatography conference. 
Dr. Rajesh Babu Holds M.Phil and Ph.D. from Sri Sathya Sai University, Andhra Pradesh. He has 13 years of experience in analytical chemistry. He has set up a mass spec facility and has done extensive analytical method development in the area of natural products, nutraceuticals, and clinical metabolomics. He has method development experience in LC, LC-MS/MS, LC-HRMS, GC, and GC-MS instruments. 

Dr. Rajesh worked as a faculty member at the same university and was involved in extensive research work. He has published more than 30 papers in international journals and has presented at more than 25 international and national conferences. 

In his current role as Technical Manager, Dr. Rajesh is involved with technical training and helps customers with their product recommendations, method development, and troubleshooting issues. Dr. Rajesh also delivers regular webinars on several interesting topics across the globe. He is also part of the global technical team that handles Live chat and all technical issues relating to our products globally.
Dr. Helen Whitby is the senior product manager for biopharma at Phenomenex. Helen has been with Phenomenex since 2007, starting in the UK sales team as a bulk and prep specialist before joining the technical team in 2016. Helen spent 6 years as a biopharma specialist in the technical team supporting all our biopharma products globally before moving to product management in 2022.

 Helen has a PhD from the University of Manchester working on analogues of Shikimic acid to treat malaria. Prior to joining Phenomenex, Helen spent a year as a Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Illinois in Chicago, where she studied electron-deficient divalent reactive intermediates, specifically nitrenium ions for the development of antiviral agents to treat Ebola.
Kevin Zhao is the Senior Technical Specisalist with Phenomenex (A Danaher company), located in Torrance, California, USA and has 5 years of experience in biochemistry research; 4 years Protein/Cancer research with CSULA-City of Hope Cancer Collaborative and over 9 years in Phenomenex.

Mr. Zhao is a member of a global Technical Support Team, is providing problem solving, troubleshooting, and applications assistance for customers world-wide in the fields of chromatography (liquid and gas) and sample preparation, and also handling Industries supported include – pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, clinical research and clinical toxicology, food safety, environmental, fuels and specialty chemicals.