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Overview of Webinars
Thursday, August 4
11:00 AM SGT
Exploring LC Selectivity Using Steroids in a Clinical Research Setting
Speaker: Mackenzie Fregie
Application Scientist, Phenomenex 
   Key Learning Points: 

  • Overview of theory of LC selectivity and parameters that can affect it 
  • Look at column phases and expected interactions with different steroids 
  • Review of results for screening 4 phases and how they affect the LC selectivity for a steroid panel 
  • Understand the differences between phase options 
  • What to consider when picking a column 
Thursday, August 11
11:00 AM SGT
A History of HPLC and UHPLC Column Technology
Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Babu
Technical Manager, Phenomenex
Key Learning Points:

  • Overview of the particle shapes
  • Overview of HPLC instrument evolution
  • Particle sizes and what their significance
  • Particle treatment technologies and their implications
  • Column hardware – How to choose the right one
  • Evolution of mixed-mode chemistries 
Thursday, August 18
11:00 AM SGT
HPLC Column Care and Extending Column Lifetimes
Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Babu
Technical Manager, Phenomenex   
Key Learning Points:

  • Impact of sample preparation on  column lifetime 
  • Impact of mobile phase 
  • Role of guard column 
  • Column cleaning 
  • Start up and shut down of HPLC 
  • Assessing column lifetime 
Tuesday, August 23
11:00 AM  SGT
Phenomenex + Sciex Webinar:  Decrypting liquid chromatography variation and managing compound optimization and ion suppression for improved LC-MS/MS assay reproducibility
Speakers: Brad Patterson Application Specialist, SCIEX  & Namrata Saxena, Technical Manager, Phenomenex
Key Learning Points:

  • The effect each HPLC instrument component has on chromatographic variation 
  • The impact of column stationary phase and the significance of precision in mobile phase preparation 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of compound optimization by flow injection analysis (FIA) 
  • The varying sources of ion suppression and how you can be best prepared to manage them 
Thursday, August 25
11:00 AM  SGT
HPLC/UHPLC Reversed Phase Method Development - Selecting A Reproducible Starting Point 
Speaker: Dr. Phil Koerner
Global Pharmaceutical Industry Manager , Phenomenex
Key Learning Points:

  • Best practices to selecting a reproducible starting point 
  • How to maximize speed while maintaining selectivity or retention 
  • Ways to improve reproducibility through method development and lifecycle of the method 
Meet Our Speakers
Mackenzie Fregie
 Application Scientist, Phenomenex 
Mackenzie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Life Sciences from Kansas State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Wichita State University. She has 5 years of experience in LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, and sample preparation. She has previously worked in labs in toxicology, environmental chemistry, and food science industries. She also has sales experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mackenzie joined Phenomenex in 2021 as an Application Scientist at PhenoLogix. She is based in Torrance, CA. She specializes in developing applications for clinical research and brings experience in method development and instrumentation. She focuses on helping customers with method development for HPLC, MS, and sample preparation. In her free time she practices yoga and enjoys reading. 
Dr. Rajesh Babu Dandamudi
Technical Manager, Phenomenex
Dr. Rajesh Babu Holds M.Phil and Ph.D. from Sri Sathya Sai University, Andhra Pradesh. He has 13 years of experience in analytical chemistry. He has set up a mass spec facility and has done extensive analytical method development in the area of natural products, nutraceuticals, and clinical metabolomics. He has method development experience in LC, LC-MS/MS, LC-HRMS, GC, and GC-MS instruments. 

Dr. Rajesh worked as a faculty member at the same university and was involved in extensive research work. He has published more than 30 papers in international journals and has presented at more than 25 international and national conferences. 

In his current role as Technical Manager, Dr. Rajesh is involved with technical training and helps customers with their product recommendations, method development, and troubleshooting issues. Dr. Rajesh also delivers regular webinars on several interesting topics across the globe. He is also part of the global technical team that handles Live chat and all technical issues relating to our products globally. 
Dr. Phil Koerner
Global Pharmaceutical Industry Manager , Phenomenex United Kingdom
Dr. Phil Koerner has over 30 years of experience in LC, GC, and sample preparation techniques, and is an expert in practical HPLC and UHPLC method development. Phil joined Phenomenex in 1999 as Senior Technical Manager after 11 years with DuPont. Phil received his B.S. in Chemistry at the University of California, Irvine, earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Illinois, and an MBA at the University of Delaware.

Phil has traveled extensively around the world presenting technical seminars, hands-on training, and providing technical assistance covering various topics in HPLC, GC, and SPE, in support of Phenomenex customers globally. In his current role, Phil is the Global Pharmaceutical Industry Manager at Phenomenex. A self-confessed food and wine geek, Phil would love to spend time working in a winery tasting room pouring (and tasting) wine, and discussing food and wine parings. 
Brad Patterson
Application Specialist, SCIEX 
Brad Patterson obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry at James Cook University in 2003 and has been involved with Mass Spectrometry ever since. Brad is based in Melbourne, Victoria and has worked for SCIEX for just over 14 years.

He has been training people on and performing LC-MS development for over 18 years and in this time has supported many applications in many industries throughout the world but primarily in ANZ.  
Namrata Saxena 
Technical Manager, Phenomenex 
Namrata Saxena is a Technical Manager - Asia/Pacific” with Phenomenex and is based in Sydney, Australia. She has a post graduate degree with a specialization in Analytical Chemistry, with extensive experience in the Liquid chromatography domain, and her current focus is in Omics and Biologics field. 

Before joining Phenomenex she had worked as “Product Specialist” and spent several years in column chemistry, column manufacturing and method development in the application and manufacturing labs of Bischoff Chromatography, Germany. 

In her current role, she provides product selection, method development, training and troubleshooting support to customers as well as Phenomenex Sales Consultants globally.