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Overview of Webinars
Thursday, July 7
11:00 AM SGT
5 Common LC Troubleshooting Mistakes and What to Do Instead
Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Babu Dandamudi, Technical Manager, Phenomenex
   Key Learning Points: 

  • Understanding chromatographic Interactions
  • Identifying Sytem/method/column related issues
  • Choosing right mobile phase/column
  • Proper column washing and storage conditions
Thursday, July 14
11:00 AM SGT
HPLC Column Maintenance
Speaker: Swetha Kotikalapudi, Technical Manager, Phenomenex
Key Learning Points:

  • What to do when you receive a new column 
  • How to Increase column lifetime 
  • When to say goodbye  
Thursday, July 21
11:00 AM SGT
SEC Selectivity and Method Development For Biomolecules 
Speaker: Namrata Saxena Technical Manager, Phenomenex  
Key Learning Points:

  • Theory behind size exclusion chromatography
  • A brief overview on mAbs and it’s characterization requirements
  • LC system, LC Column and Stationary phase effects and considerations
  • Mobile phase considerations and method development pointers
Thursday, July 28
11:00 AM  SGT
Strategies for Improving Chromatographic Resolution
Speaker: Dr. Helen Whitby, Technical Specialist, Phenomenex United Kingdom
Key Learning Points:

  • How to maintain peak efficiency 
  • Minimizing diffusion in chromatography 
  • Optimizing LC detection for target analytes 
Meet Our Speakers
Genevieve Hodson
Dr. Rajesh Babu Dandamudi
Technical Manager, Phenomenex
Rajesh Babu has more than 11 years of chromatography experience and is an expert in practical HPLC/UHPLC/LC-MS/GC-MS method development and troubleshooting. Before joining Phenomenex, Dr. Rajesh worked as a Faculty member at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Deemed University. He was instrumental in establishing a state-of-the-art mass-spec core facility consisting of GC, HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, and HRMS systems. His research work was in the area of clinical metabolomics. 
Ramkumar Dhandapani, PhD
Swetha Kotikalapudi
Technical Manager, Phenomenex
Swetha Kotikalapudi has over 16 years of chromatography experience and is an expert in practical HPLC/UHPLC/LC-MS/GC-MS method development and troubleshooting. Prior to joining Phenomenex, Swetha worked as a Senior Research Associate with DuPont, Hyderabad, where she led efforts in establishing state-of-the-art facility corporate Centre of Analytical Sciences and was involved with multiple HPLC, LC-MS, and GC method development for small molecules, polymers and polysaccharides. Swetha joined Phenomenex in 2018 as the Technical Manager for India and is a member of the global technical team at Phenomenex, USA. In her current role, Swetha provides technical, application development and troubleshooting support to chromatographers worldwide. Swetha has earned a master’s degree in Analytical chemistry from Osmania University, Hyderabad and brings with her vast experience in analytical method development, validations and structural elucidations using NMR for various small molecules.
Namrata Saxena 
Technical Manager, Phenomenex  
Namrata Saxena is a Technical Manager - Asia/Pacific” with Phenomenex and is based in Sydney, Australia. She has a post graduate degree with a specialization in Analytical Chemistry, with extensive experience in the Liquid chromatography domain, and her current focus is in Omics and Biologics field. 

Before joining Phenomenex she had worked as “Product Specialist” and spent several years in column chemistry, column manufacturing and method development in the application and manufacturing labs of Bischoff Chromatography, Germany. 

In her current role, she provides product selection, method development, training and troubleshooting support to customers as well as Phenomenex Sales Consultants globally. 

Dr. Helen Whitby
Technical Specialist, Phenomenex United Kingdom
Helen graduated from the University of Manchester with a First-Class Bachelor of Science with honors in Chemistry and subsequently completed her PhD also at the University of Manchester in synthetic organic chemistry specializing in analogues of Shikimic acid to treat malaria. Following her PhD, Helen moved to Chicago as a Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Illinois in Chicago to research on electron-deficient divalent reactive intermediates, specifically nitrenium ions, for the development of antiviral agents to treat Ebola. 

After finishing her post doc, Helen joined Phenomenex UK as a technical sales consultant and spent 10 years as the Bulk Media and Preparative specialist for the UK and Ireland, supporting large purification companies with their production scale applications. In her 2 years as the HPLC product manager, Helen supported the UK team in all aspects of HPLC. Helen joined the Technical Department in 2017 as a technical specialist with a focus on the rapidly expanding bio industry and this is where her interest and expertise within the technical department remain today.