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Life can be tough in the Lab... BUT you are tougher!
Be Like a Tardigrade!

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Small but mighty...mighty tough!

Thrives in
Any Space

Never Cracks Under Pressure

in Anywhere

Not Afraid to Go to Extremes

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Thrives in Any Space

Don’t let their cutesy nickname "Water Bears" fool you. Tardigrades are the among the most resilient (read: TOUGH) animals on the planet—possibly in the galaxy. They can even survive in the vast vacuum of outer space. Regardless of their environment, they continue to thrive unperturbed by their surroundings.

As for you? True, you may not be able to survive in outer space (yet), but your problem-solving skills and resilience in the face of lab challenges is your workday super power. YOU are truly a master of your environment. Whatever today brings, BE TOUGH LIKE A TARDIGRADE.

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Never Cracks Under Pressure

Tardigrades can withstand pressures up to 87,000 PSI without even blinking. Well, technically they don’t have eyelids, so they can’t actually blink. But we’re certain that if they did have eyelids, they wouldn’t bat an eye in a high-pressure environment. But we digress…For perspective, that’s 21,650% more pressure than the toughest human can withstand.

But YOU are not just any human. YOU are a chromatographer. Have a method to develop in 3 minutes? No problem. Need to run a countless samples before the end of the day? You got this. Take a page out of the tardigrades book and always maintain your cool regardless of the situation. No pressure, right? And on the rare day you don’t feel TOUGH LIKE A TARDIGRADE? Our Tech Support Phenoms are here for you.

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Fits in Anywhere

Tardigrades—also known as “Water Bears” because they look like teeny, adorable bears—can survive inhospitable environments such as volcanos and ocean vents, unlike their furry, warm-blooded namesakes. They can even be dehydrated and brought back to life a decade later. But how? They have this magical ability to transform into a “tun state”, giving them a protective suit of armor that renders them virtually indestructible.

You might not have thought about it before, but you have a “tun state”, too. You enter this state every time you slip on your lab coat and goggles. With this lab-superhero gear on, you’re ready to survive anything today throws at you. You can do this with a little TARDIGRADE POWER.

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Not Afraid to Go to Extremes

Whether its absolute zero or temperatures hot enough to boil tungsten, tardigrades stay cool under extreme conditions.

While in the lab, follow the noble tardigrade's example and try not to sweat the small stuff. Throw your cool around like confetti, cause when the going gets tough, the tough get… tougher like a tardigrade. KEEP CALM AND TARDIGRADE ON.

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