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And just like that – we're 40!

Back in 1982, against all odds, an architect broke into the scientific field and grew Phenomenex from its humble beginnings in a garage to a global firm spanning 6 continents. We didn't have much back then, but we focused on what mattered most – servicing our customers with an unmatched level of technical and product support, and laser-focusing on creating and manufacturing high-quality, instrument-agnostic consumables.

Today, as part of the Danaher family of global life science and technology innovators, we harness the power of collaboration and shared learnings to develop new technologies, improve existing product performance, and to offer even better service, 24-hours a day.

Thank you for coming along with us on this adventure. We’re so happy you’re a part of our family and excited for you to join us for all that’s next!

What you do matters. Why you do it matters.
It’s our mission to support you.

We renewed our commitment to you by refreshing the beloved mission that has inspired us for the past 40 years, to guide us for 40 more years and beyond.

Our Mission

Keeping scientists at the heart of our every day through unforgettable support and standout technology to build a brighter future together.

Our Promise

Our mission drives us to build sincere and meaningful relationships by working alongside scientists and connecting labs with exceptional technology, unrivaled service, and world-class technical support.

The Phenomenex team is empowered by a culture built on trust, integrity, and kindness – one that places scientists at the heart of our every day. We are inspired by the impact our customers make on the world and we will always go above and beyond to help them in our shared pursuit to create a brighter future for humanity. That is our promise.

40 Years of Universal-Fit Products, 24/7 Technical Support, and Worldwide Availability

With 40 years of expertise and global connectivity, Phenomenex works tirelessly to produce the best and highest quality instrument-agnostic consumables to power successful labs. We invest heavily in research and development, fueling innovation and enabling our scientists to develop new technologies to fit the changing needs of our customers and the industries we support.

Our columns and accessories are universal-fit for all system brands, so no matter what your "boxes" are or where your labs and teams might be located, we can support your needs with great products.

With excellent product quality and selection, global deliverability and servicing, and day and night technical support, our team becomes an extension of yours.

Kinetex Core-shell LC Columns

Luna Omega Silica-based LC Columns

Biozen Biologics Products

Strata-X PRO SPE Products

Strata-X SPE Products

Strata SPE Products

SecurityLink UHPLC Fittings

Security Guard Universal Guard Column System

Clarity Oligonucleotide Products

Novum SLE Products

Zebron GC Columns

Axia Preparative Columns

Big Moments in Phenomenex History

Phenomenex Founded by Architect, Fasha Mahjoor

Founded by Architect, Fasha Mahjoor


Began Manufacturing High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Columns

Phenomenex Began Manufacturing LC Columns
Phenomenex Began Manufacturing GC Columns

Began Manufacturing GC Columns


Began Manufacturing SPE Tubes & 96-Well Plates

Phenomenex Began Manufacturing SPE Tubes and 96-Well Plates
Phenomenex Released Core-Shell Technology

Released Core-Shell Technology


Acquired by Danaher Corporation

Phenomenex Acquired by Danaher Corporation
Phenomenex Launched Biologics Product Portfolio

Launched Biologics Product Portfolio


Support of Global COVID Vaccine and Drug Development

Phenomenex Support of Global COVID Vaccine Development<

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Our culture is fun, fast-paced, and collaborative. We've built a genuinely welcoming and inclusive global community where everyone can thrive as their authentic selves. The people are thoughtful and supportive of one another, and the work is both challenging and rewarding.

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