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Upcoming Sessions
HPLC Mobile Phases and Gradients
Thursday, May 9th
10:00 AM (IST)
  • Explore the impact of mobile phase selectivity on chromatographic resolution.
  • Take a deep dive into typical mobile phase compositions; pH, buffers, organic solvents and other additives
  • Understand the significance of pH, and how to effectively design gradients
HPLC Troubleshooting
Tuesday, June 11th
10:00 AM (IST)
  • Learn how to prevent and minimize your LC problems before they occur
  • Understand how to approach problem solving and troubleshooting in a logical way, including: diagnose cause and possible solutions
  • Review peak shape, and column performance problems
HPLC Method Development: Practical Approaches for Identifying Equivalent and Orthogonal Columns
Thursday, July 11th
10:00 AM (IST)
  • Recognize columns exhibiting comparable selectivity to your current column selection.
  • Identify columns with different or orthogonal selectivity to your current column of choice
  • Understand the resources that are available for selectivity data for HPLC columns
Previous Sessions
A Guide to Building Your LC Method Development Kit Plus Tips on Storage & Care
Thursday, March 7th
10:00 AM (IST)
  • Learn how to choose different column phases for developing a LC method
  • Understand what kind of LC columns can be a strong method development kit
  • Identify how to take care of your LC column to extend its lifetime
Measuring Peak Separation Quality
Thursday, April 4th
10:00 AM (IST)
  • Discover the methodologies for calculating resolution, asymmetry, selectivity, and efficiency.
  • Learn how to quantify the quality of a separation, along with a reference of what each value could and should be
  • Understand the physicochemical underpinnings of chromatographic separations

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Thursday, May 9th
Tuesday, June 11th
Thursday, July 11th

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Meet Our Speakers
Kevin Zhao
Kevin Zhao 
Senior Technical Specialist
Kevin Zhao is the Senior Technical Specialist with Phenomenex and has 5 years of experience in biochemistry research; 4 years of Protein/Cancer research with CSULA-City of Hope Cancer Collaborative and over 9 years in Phenomenex. Mr. Zhao is a member of a global Technical Support Team which includes providing problem-solving, troubleshooting, and applications assistance for customers worldwide in the fields of chromatography (liquid and gas) and sample preparation, and also handling Industries supported include – pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, clinical research and clinical toxicology, food safety, environmental, fuels and specialty chemicals. Mr. Zhao received his B.S. in Biology at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. earned his M.S. in Biochemistry at California State University, Los Angeles, and also earned a MBA at the University of the Incarnate Word.
Koen Askamp
Koen Askamp
Technical Specialist
Koen is from the Netherlands, studied Molecular Life Sciences at Wageningen University (Netherlands), majoring in immunology. Analytical Chemistry was one of my favorite courses – who doesn’t love solving puzzles?

I like drumming, scuba diving, motorcycle-riding, and this past winter I learned how to ski (a little)!
Namrata Saxena
Namrata Saxena
Technical Manager
Namrata Saxena is a Technical Manager - Asia/Pacific” with Phenomenex and is based in Sydney, Australia. She has a post graduate degree with a specialization in Analytical Chemistry, with extensive experience in the Liquid chromatography domain, and her current focus is in Omics and Biologics field. 

Before joining Phenomenex she had worked as “Product Specialist” and spent several years in column chemistry, column manufacturing and method development in the application and manufacturing labs of Bischoff Chromatography, Germany. 

In her current role, she provides product selection, method development, training and troubleshooting support to customers as well as Phenomenex Sales Consultants globally.