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Tackling the Pitfalls of Oral Fluid Matrix Analysis
Oral fluid has emerged as a popular biological matrix for analysis due to its non-invasive nature and ease of sample collection. However, the analysis of oral fluid samples becomes challenging due to the presence of the excipients, surfactants, and preservatives in the collection buffer. These additives are necessary to ensure the stability and authenticity of the sample during collection and transport. However, the presence of these additives can foul the optics of the mass spectrometer and diminish the signal response of the analyte panel if the samples are not cleaned up adequately before injection.

In this webinar, Shahana Wahab Huq, senior application scientist at Phenomenex, presents an effective sample cleanup method for oral fluid analysis that targets 32 pain panel analytes and results in good precision, accuracy, and linearity over 300 fold dynamic concentration range.

6 NEW Technical Posters
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  • Expanding NPS screening capabilities in the forensic toxicology laboratory
  • Highly sensitive MS/MS detection for confident identification of potent novel synthetic opioids and their metabolites.
  • Enhancing high-resolution mass spectrometry performance for NPS analysis with improved sensitivity and characterization
  • Leveraging sensitivity improvements for low-level detection of drugs and metabolites in complex biological matrices
  • Determination of novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and synthetic opioids in meconium
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