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Overcoming Challenges with AAV Aggregate Analysis Using a Novel Size Exclusion Particle
Shilin Cheung, PhD
Sr. Research Scientist, Phenomenex
Ramkumar Dhandapani, PhD
Senior Product Manager, Phenomenex
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PT)
Event Overview:
Aggregate analysis of Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) is crucial for quality assessment and currently presents various challenges including long run time, high volume sample consumption where samples are scares and over all requires reliable technique to address all aspects related to quality and throughput. In this webinar, the speakers will focus on optimizing a high throughput SEC method using a novel size exclusion chemistry to reduce sample consumption and  run time. Additionally, method versatility with multiple mobile phase, multiple detectors across various AAV serotypes will be explored. 
Key Learning Points:
  • Learn about a novel Size exclusion chemistry that can improve lab throughput and reduce sample consumption for AAV analysis
  • Find new method optimization tips and tricks to maximize AAV Aggregate separation
  • Understand how optimizing particle chemistry, pore size and hardware can improve Aggregate separation in Size Exclusion Chromatography of AAVs
Speaker Bio:
Shilin Cheung, PhD: Dr. Cheung received her BS (2006) and Ph.D. (2012) in Bioanalytical Chemistry from the University of Toronto. She has developed, qualified, and validated innovative analytical methods in CE based microfluidics, automated low volume UV-vis spec., and UHPLC assays. Her methods have been applied to manufacturing process developments, formulation and stability and DS/DP characterization and specification testing. At the Phenomenex Innovation Campus she is focused on developing fit for purpose analytical methods to help advance developments in gene therapeutics.   
Ramkumar Dhandapani, PhD: Dr. Dhandapani has been in the chromatography industry for over 20 years with hands-on and troubleshooting experience. He has earnt a Masters and PhD degree in Analytical chemistry from Seton Hall University with specialization in Microextractions, Multidimentional Chromatography and Tandem Mass Specs techniques. He has developed and validated several regulatory compliant methods in Pharmaceutical, Food, Fuels and Environmental industry as well as incorporated method improvement and troubleshooting across a range of separation techniques. Dr. Dhandapani joined Phenomenex in August of 2014 and he serves as a Senior Product Manager at Phenomenex. In addition to managing the product line, Dr. Dhandapani presents on innovations in chromatography at various chromatography conference.

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