MiltonTake Your Training to the Next Level with PhenoWebinar™ Workout Videos
Active NerdLife™ Workout Videos and Gear
Phenomenex presents Active NerdLife, a line of classic workout videos and gear made by nerdy scientists, for nerdy scientists. Work out with our lab experts to achieve peak shape so you can tackle your toughest separations, and with our Active NerdLife gear you are sure to maximize your results!
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Take Your Training to the Next Level with PhenoWebinar™ Workout Videos
PhenoWebinar™ Workout Videos
Don’t settle for boring, modern training sessions - transform your body with our classic workout videos! Take the first step towards a stronger, healthier and happier you!! Now available on VHS so you can enjoy on your own or with your lab mates!

Simple Strata™ Steppers
Simple Strata™ Steppers
Achieve results in half the time! Turn up the intensity by adding Strata 96-well plate steppers to your workout routine. These compact and durable steppers are available in a variety of colors and sizes to match your energy.

Active NerdLife Workout Gear
Active NerdLife Workout Gear
Step into the gym (or the lab!) dappered up in the flashiest, nerdiest gear known to scientists! These stylish workout clothes are designed to make you look and feel your best in any situation. They are so versatile you'll want to wear them for workouts, in the lab, at the office, training events, tradeshows and conferences - basically everywhere you go. Shop Active NerdLife Workout Gear now and choose from hundreds of nerdtastic styles!
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Relax and Recover in the Zebron™ GC Steam Therapy Room
Relax and Recover in the Zebron™ Steam Therapy Room
Head on over to one of our many fitness labs and recover quickly and efficiently in our Zebron Steam Therapy Room – a targeted treatment for fast muscle recovery in 11 minutes. That’s right, now you can fully recover in the same amount of time it takes our Zebron Fast FAME GC column to separate your FAMES!

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