Meet Srija Chakraborty
In my last role in a Biotechnology leader in India, I first came across Phenomenex as on of the leading players in providing novel analytical chemistry solutions  ,” said Srija. “I was already aware that Danaher Corporation had a great reputation for its diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, and I quickly learned about how substantial of an impact Phenomenex has made—both globally and here in India.
Srija Chakraborty joined Phenomenex just 10 months ago but already defines her experience as eye-opening and pivotal for her career.

Coming from a family of human resource (HR) professionals, Srija recalls watching her father navigate a fulfilling career, and feeling inspired to choose a path in which she could bear witness to the direct and positive influence of her work.

“In HR, it makes a difference when you can see the impact your work has on the lives and professional trajectories of your associates,” said Srija. “I love seeing and improving employee retention.”

As a human resources (HR) business partner at Phenomenex, she is responsible for managing the full employee lifecycle—hiring, onboarding, and retention programs—of Phenomenex’s associates in India and JKOSEA & ANZ Regions.

 “Already in my short time with the company, I’ve benefited from the challenge of a steep learning curve,” said Srija. “Leadership instills trust in me to lead complex projects autonomously, which has propelled rapid growth. We’re a supportive team that always encourages each other to improve every day.”

Before Phenomenex, Srija worked in other HR roles with large organizations based and operating in India, including one of Phenomenex’s biotechnology customers.
Joining Phenomenex marked Srija’s first experience working with a fully global company. 

“I’ve never experienced a workplace like this before. Company-wide, we’re committed to learning about and celebrating different cultures, developing employee-friendly practices, and ensuring employee retention and growth.”

Although Srija works remotely, like most of her team, she grins as she shares how her colleagues honor each other’s birthdays and any special holiday through virtual parties, kind emails, and thoughtful messages. Phenomenex’s culture stands out above all else, with the company goals aligning with Srija’s personal values.
At Phenomenex, our mission is to build sincere and meaningful relationships with scientists worldwide, and that is at the forefront of what I strive to do in HR: build togetherness between individuals. It’s a bonus that it helps the organization grow.
Outside of work, Srija passionately dedicates her time to any creative field that brings communities together—often that is Hindu-style classical music and art. While obtaining her master’s degree, she volunteered and helped teach music to underprivileged children.