Meet Siming Xu
Unlike many of Danaher’s companies, we don’t sell big instruments, so we have a very different business model
Siming Xu is a part of Danaher Corporation's (Danaher) General Manager Development Program—a 6-year development track that provides an opportunity to move across operating companies and gain experience in commercial, product management, operations, and business development.

After his previous role with SCIEX (A Danaher Company), Siming came to Phenomenex excited to take on a hands-on role leading global projects end-to-end. As a senior project manager for the global sales team, Siming’s role at Phenomenex is twofold. Half of his work revolves around deploying high-level commercial initiatives globally; the other half focuses on Phenomenex’s sales funnel and helping the sales operations team improve its customer relationship management (CRM) processes.
Phenomenex encourages employees to have open discussions about how each project and process can be improved,” said Siming. “Our culture gives everyone—regardless of their tenure—the platform to share ideas openly in a safe environment.
Siming recalls first reading the job description for his role and noting that two-thirds of his work would directly align with Phenomenex’s global sales priorities. He saw this as an opportunity to drive real impact across the world in his daily work.

Upon his arrival at Phenomenex, he faced a unique business challenge—one that motivates him and his team each day. “Phenomenex is the only operating company within Danaher that is a 100% consumable-based business,” said Siming. The best practices for sales funnel management known throughout Danaher are not fully applicable at Phenomenex. The onus is on my team to discover and define how to best manage a consumable-based business through the sales funnel, which is an exhilarating goal.”

Beyond the day-to-day work, Siming expresses satisfaction and fulfillment with the people and values surrounding him. He appreciates the company-wide commitment to fostering creative freedom and breaking the mold of traditional processes.
Despite being a large company, he describes the Phenomenex culture as similar to a close-knit family.

“My family lives in China and, last year, my mother passed away,” said Siming. “Because of the lingering pandemic, planning travel home was more challenging than usual. Fortunately, my support system at work really stepped up to take care of me. HR ensured I had ample time off, and everyone who was aware of the news reached out during my absence to offer support and help in any way that they could.” While in-person time has dwindled significantly since the onset of the pandemic, and Siming longs for the days he spent side-by-side with his team, he has found a new appreciation for the rare occasions he sees his colleagues face to face.

Siming recently went to Paris for a week-long sales management conference. “Although it was an intense, challenging week, in which we had to make a lot of critical decisions, I really valued having that time in person for team building—and I think my colleagues did too,” said Siming.

A personal draw to Phenomenex, Siming is passionate about all things green. He enjoys gardening and taking steps in his daily life that reduce his carbon footprint. He
appreciates working for a company like Phenomenex that puts significant effort into its sustainability initiatives and enables customers to fight our world’s largest environmental challenges.