Meet Olivier Drouet
“Even before joining Phenomenex, I was impressed by its sense of diversity and rich culture,” said Olivier. “I told myself that if a position in my area of expertise opened up, I would apply. Phenomenex is a leader in its industry and I wanted to become a part of that success.”
Olivier Drouet serves as the business development manager of purification technologies for Phenomenex in Europe. From lab management to manufacturing management, he is responsible for coordinating all of the activities related to purification sciences across Phenomenex’s 10 offices in Europe. Olivier enjoys the challenges of his role, which requires a nimble approach and an ability to juggle countless projects between different teams and customers. To put it simply, he has his hands on many moving pieces.

Having been involved in the scientific community for over 15 years, Olivier has always approached his work with a growth mindset. After feeling stifled by the corporate culture of his previous employer, Olivier decided to join Phenomenex excited about the new development opportunities his role would bring.

Helping his colleagues is at the heart of Olivier’s mission in his career. He is always thinking, “How can I provide support and bring assistance to people in this field? How can I make people's lives easier in their day-to day-routine? How can we grow together?” Olivier works diligently to streamline processes and improve daily operations not only for the benefit of customers but also for the sake of his teammates.

Olivier expresses pride when sharing about the outstanding teamwork and camaraderie among his team:
It is very exciting in this position because I get to be in touch with a lot of people from different kinds of cultures—and I’ve had the opportunity to travel often. Everyone I work with has a deep passion for science, and I feel lucky to learn from them every day.
As a professional goal, Olivier hopes to help Phenomenex become the top distributor in Europe within the next 5-10 years. “I think it is very realistic,” said Olivier. “We have a really strong team working here to drive this effort.”

Continuous growth and learning stand out as highlights from Olivier’s time with Phenomenex. “The connection with outstanding people has had a large impact on me—both personally and professionally,” said Olivier. “By having regular interactions with people from all walks of life, I get to improve constantly. I’m also learning to stretch my
communication skills in English, which has been a goal of mine.”

Living only an hour away from the mountains, Olivier has become an avid snowboarder, hiker, and biker. He loves spending time with his wife and son outdoors, and they enjoy practicing meditation and mindfulness as a family.

Another big passion for Olivier is food. About five years ago, he achieved his lifelong dream of opening a restaurant. Based in Cambodia, Cousin’s Burger and Coffee serves freshly made burgers, buns, and fries daily.