Meet Maciej Giel
Without these employees, our organizations would just be buildings with equipment,” said Maciej. “The employees are the lifeblood of scientific advancement. They continuously give their best
every day to solve some of the world’s toughest problems, but their contributions often go thankless.
As a quality control laboratory manager at Grupa HASCO in Poland, Maciej Giel is responsible for releasing raw materials and final products from quality control to qualified persons who then release them to the market. Given his academic background, his role was a natural next step.

“I completed my studies in biotechnology and have always been interested in health care,” said Maciej. “After school, I had the opportunity to work for a great company in Poland, and it was a simple choice to jump right into the professional health care industry.” Grupa HASCO is heavily involved in defining, creating, and advancing the future of the industry. The organization develops the latest, cutting-edge technologies and helps foster the next generation of talent by teaching pharmacy students at a nearby university.

A large part of Maciej’s day-to-day work involves communicating with his colleagues and initiating critical discussions about solving their toughest challenges. “We discuss emerging problems in quality control and the best way to solve these problems,” shared Maciej. But, of course, we are not robots. We also talk about our lives outside of work, our children, our relatives, and our passions and hobbies. It’s an important part of developing relationships with people you see every day.”

While Maciej relies on several different applications created by Phenomenex to complete his work, his favorite part of working with the organization is the constant support they provide him and his team. “We have used other chromatography columns in the past, but we prefer Phenomenex because their columns are the highest quality,” said Maciej. “In addition, we always have support from the representatives at Phenomenex. If there is ever any chromatography problem, they’re quick to jump on a call and help us in whatever way they can.”
The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive and full of noise, which creates challenges for companies trying to stand out from the rest. Maciej truly believes Grupa HASCO has an edge that differentiates them: “We are not a typical corporation,” said
Maciej. “We combine corporate values with the function of a small family business.”

Originally built from scratch by the current owner more than 35 years ago in the garage of his house, Grupa HASCO has since grown to a team of more than 1,000 employees.

Maciej strongly believes that people are the driving force of this industry. He considers much of his work as “behind the scenes” and mentions that people in his field often lack adequate recognition for their hard work and meaningful contributions.
He gives thanks to all of those employees who work so tirelessly in their departments and especially those who have helped contribute to his work. What is Maciej’s advice to the next generation? Don’t be afraid of challenges. “Do your best, but don't do so much that you burn out,” said Maciej. “Work is important but it's not an end in itself. Find a work-life balance.” He also stressed the importance of being open with your colleagues and intentional in creating a positive atmosphere at work.

Outside of work, Maciej enjoys going to forests and collecting mushrooms. He loves to spend time with his family and read books. Maciej shared that there are many things throughout his life that made him who he is today, including being a boy scout and
actively practicing his faith. “My faith has had a profound influence on who I have become and who I am now—it’s the primary foundation on which my connections with my community have been built,” said Maciej.