Meet Jeff Layne
It is amazing to think that I have been with my colleagues longer than I have had my kids. The people who work here really make the company special.
As a Senior product Manager at Phenomenex, Jeff Layne addresses product quality and manufacturing challenges and creates strategies to overcome them. “The company recently experienced a big growth year that put a strain on our manufacturing capacity, so my team is currently focused on establishing new and optimized manufacturing processes that are compatible with that high level of growth,” explained Jeff.

Jeff’s first experience with chromatography was as an undergraduate, and shortly after graduation he took a role with Phenomenex and has been with the company ever since (except for a break to complete his Doctorate at the University of Vermont). He credits his impressive tenure at Phenomenex to the people he has the pleasure of working with. “I have been here since ‘97 and all that time I have been working with the same people,” said Jeff. “It is amazing to think that I have been with my colleagues longer than I have had my kids. The people who work here really make the company special.”

While a big growth year is certainly a positive sign for the company at large, Jeff knows that it also means more strain on his team. To counteract some of that stress, Jeff puts emphasis on the small wins and successes, never losing sight of acknowledging everyone involved with the advancement. “We may struggle with a variety of challenges, but the research and development team has made so many improvements to address these issues,” said Jeff. “It’s important to discuss these wins, especially because not everyone can see the progress that has been made, and how much hard work went into it.”
Given the meticulous, time-sensitive nature of his role, it is easy for Jeff to get lost in the details of his work, but he never forgets the big picture of Phenomenex’s mission. “We are trying to be a global provider of tools that enable our customers to work with the data they need,” Jeff reflected. “While we do not cure cancer or create drugs that combat disease, we know that our customers do and it is motivating to play a role in assisting them with those crucial goals.”

Jeff’s focus on recognition and celebrating success plays an important role in the overall culture at Phenomenex. He hopes that opening the conversation around the positive impacts that each department makes will shed light on their work for people who may not have prior knowledge of his industry.

When he is not busy creating and maintaining manufacturing processes, Jeff enjoys spending time with his four children and trying to outdo his highest golf score. “I usually spend my free time with my kids, and I also really like to golf,” said Jeff. “My best score is a 94!”
It is neat to know that when someone gets a blood test done and that blood test is sent out for analysis, that a lot of the time Phenomenex products are used to generate the results,” said Jeff. “We play a vital role in this global healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, and I think that that’s motivating.