Meet Iyke Emme
Every day Phenomenex provides unforgettable support and outstanding technology that is building a brighter future, said Iyke.
When Iyke Eme joined the Phenomenex team more than three decades ago, it was operating as a small production company in a Palos Verdes neighborhood. After the company moved to Torrance, its growth took off, calling for the addition of a research and development team and a manufacturing department. Iyke has had the opportunity to support both production and manufacturing through the process of starting silica from scratch and following through to the bonding stage.

Ever since high school, Iyke took a liking to his science courses, which paved the way for his undergraduate studies in microbiology and health science. Right out of college, he began working at a lab in a hospital where he learned that he needed a more involved role. “I’m more of a hands-on person, so I started looking for a better-suited opportunity,” explained Iyke. “I responded to an ad in the local newspaper in search of a lab technician and was called in to meet the company’s CEO. After the interview, the CEO asked me when I could start, and I told him I could start right then and there. That was the beginning of my journey with Phenomenex, and the rest is history.”

While there are many different reasons that Iyke loves working at Phenomenex, he feels most passionate about the positive impact that the company has on humanity. “Our scientists are working inside the lab to create a better world outside of the lab. It is motivating to wake up in the morning knowing that the work you do that day is meaningful to humanity.

Phenomenex’s commitment to world-class products and service also plays a major role in the pride that Iyke feels for his role and the company at large. “My colleagues and I are always sharing wins with each other,” shared Iyke. “Everything from product quality to timely delivery is crucial and the team is very committed to providing high-quality products as well as exceptional services.”
Iyke describes Phenomenex as a home away from home, as his work has never felt like a job to him. On top of the passion he has for the social impact and top-notch quality components of his role, he also consistently feels inspired by the founder of Phenomenex, Fasha Mahjoor. “The passion, love, and joy that Fasha has are extremely motivating,” said Iyke. “I saw his vision, attention to detail, and overall outlook on life as something that I want to emulate.”

Given the priorities and goals for the business, it’s no surprise that philanthropy is a main pillar of the Phenomenex mission and values. Iyke never would have described himself as philanthropic prior to working at Phenomenex, but over the years, Fasha Mahjoor and the values he initially instilled in Phenomenex has inspired Iyke to focus more effort on giving back and making the world a better place. “Every year we are encouraged to take time off from work and assist the community in some way,” said Iyke. “I was so interested in those endeavors that I now play a large role in helping my sister-in-law manage her nonprofit organization, City Village.”
City Village supports women in Nigeria, Iyke’s home country, by providing them with feminine hygiene essentials, soaps, and even food items like dry and powdered milk, meat, and dry rice and beans. “I do not believe I would have considered investing an interest in philanthropy on this level if it were not for Phenomenex shedding light on all of the advantages that come from giving back to others,” said Iyke. “I went from someone who never thought much about philanthropy, to someone who now considers it a very important hobby and interest of mine because of what I learned from Fasha Mahjoor. Phenomenex even helped with fundraising, which was very impactful.”

Proud of his work, that of his colleagues, and Phenomenex as a whole, Iyke enjoys looking back to the beginning of his career and appreciating how far they have all come. “It really started from nothing compared to where we are at now,” said Iyke. “It did not happen overnight, and it took a lot of hard work.

“Because all good things come to an end, I know that I’ll eventually have to say a challenging goodbye to Phenomenex. As I look forward to my retirement, I feel very lucky to have been a part of this company’s history. If I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat.”