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Analytical Workflows
Phenomenex’s Biozen and Clarity columns and sample preparation products holistically maximizes selectivity and sensitivity through innovative particle chemistries and hardware. With innovative chemistry, proven reliability and usability on any system, Biozen and Clarity enable scientists to achieve high quality, reportable data and ensure drug safety and efficacy.

Aggregate Analysis

Monoclonal Antibody

Size Exclusion

Biozen dSEC-2

Intact Mass

Reversed Phase

Biozen Widepore C4

Sub-Unit Analysis

(including DAR for ADCs)

Reversed Phase

Biozen Intact XB-C8

Oligonucleotide Characterization and Purification

Peptide Mapping

Reversed Phase

Biozen Peptide XB-C8

Charge Variant Analysis


Biozen WCX

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Large Molecule Analysis
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Omics Analysis
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Advance Oligonucleotide
Method Development
Un paralleled UHPLC / HPLC
Inertness for Biologics
Peptide Mapping of Adeno-Associated Virus Capsid Proteins
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Purity Analysis
Method Development for ADC
Kadcyla by Size Exclusion LC
Method Transferability and Robustness for Modern Size Exclusion Chromatography Methods
The Effect of Column Hardware on the Analysis of Synthetic Oligonucleotides by LC MS